People need subtitles more than ever before as content is increasingly consumed on different platforms, with the sound muted (or down low) or simply because we don’t understand what’s being said due to accents/language, hearing problems, etc.

We provide hard-of-hearing subtitles for English language content and English translation subtitles from a wide range of sourcelanguages. We have a special interest in Japanese cinema, Italian horror and French art-house, but are happy to take on any language and genre. Our experienced in-house subtitling team will proof all subtitle streams before final delivery to ensure they adhere to the standards of your company and the industry at large. We can also localise your film synopses and marketing material in order for you to adapt your content to as many markets as possible.

We can deliver your subtitle file in your preferred format; for theatrical, home release and VOD and we can localise your captions and burn subtitles into most video file formats.


We believe audio description is an art form, underestimated and overlooked by many. We will undertake the required research to ensure that the description is accurate and relevant without being condescending. We will endeavour to correctly identify any props or locations used, correctly pronounce names and accurately and sensitively interpret facial expression, without including more than is necessary for the visually impaired person to fully appreciate your content. Our audio descriptions are carefully designed to allow the soundtrack of the content to shine.

We provide audio description as isolated streams for theatrical DCP, or carefully mixed with the feature audio for home entertainment.


There is still a huge market for physical discs. DVD and Blu-ray are still the preferred formats of film buffs and cult cinema enthusiasts: opening the shrink wrap and revelling in the artwork, reading the accompanying booklet, enjoying the extras and listening to the commentaries.

We take great pride in the encoding of video and audio material for this market, running enough passes to get it just right, tailoring the menus, programming the disc and finally putting it through a rigorous quality control procedure, performed by our experienced operators. No comma or pixel will be left unturned!